Danny M., a 14 year old from Brunswick, Ohio, loves dolphins more than anything! Danny has been dealing with severe autism but has a special connection to these amazing animals. As his mom Karen told us,

He can talk forever about dolphins and reciprocate conversations with such animation and true reciprocal language that we feel he is typical at times just talking about dolphins. We have been to Sea World but never been able to afford to get to see any dolphin encounter let alone one that would be equipped to meet his special needs. His language explodes with any ocean, sea life discussion and classical music. Danny tells everyone he meets that he has seen bottle nose dolphins in the distance in the Atlantic ocean at Marineland Canada when he was 4 and at Sea world Orlando…

After discovering Jack Gives Back through another family we had sent to IDC, we were thrilled to give Danny and his family the opportunity to spend some time with them, face to bottlenose. They had an incredible week swimming with his new dolphin friends, Karen described the experience as heavenly, a truly amazing gift to Danny.