Jack Tusick was a beautiful young man born with severe congenital heart defects in July of 1994.  He was the third child of Ray and Sandy and had two siblings, Hillary and Matt. Jack was a miracle boy, surviving 4 open heart surgeries, a traumatic brain injury and a 6 hour cardiac catherization to repair his leaking valves. Although he could not sit up, walk, talk, or perform any basic tasks independently,  his bright smile and infectious laughter touched everyone who ever met him. He began swimming with Squirt, his dolphin friend at a dolphin therapy program for children with special needs called Island Dolphin Care(IDC) in 2002. Not only was their relationship special, but he also learned to use an eye gaze computer during his classroom time at IDC.  The Tobi computer allowed Jack to have a voice with his peers and enabled him to communicate his wants and needs simply by using his eyes. Jack spent 30 weeks of his life at IDC with many family members, friends and enjoyed countless other things such as school, vacations with family, walks outside and especially watching his favorite Barney videos. Jack lost his battle with heart disease 4 days shy of his 22nd birthday. His last year was filled with belly laughs, amazing smiles, a trip to Disney, 6 week long trips to IDC with family and friends and some of the happiest times of his life.  

Jack was an inspiration to many and we are honoring him and his beautiful spirit through the Jack Gives Back Foundation. Your tax deductible donation will help provide adaptive equipment and dolphin therapy scholarships to children with special needs and their families. Help us continue to bring Jack’s joy to others!

The Jack Gives Back Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit.