Andrew, a 10 year old from Arizona, has not let his Cerebral Palsy stop him from living life to the fullest! Having been to Island Dolphin Care once years before, his mother Kellie knew what an impact a week with the dolphins could have on her son. After hearing about some recent health issues, we were so glad to be able to send Andrew back to IDC to have another uplifting and magical experience.

Andrew's time at Island Dolphin Care was a huge blessing for him.  He had gone through a very difficult time physically leading up to this, as he suffered a stress fractured foot -- in addition to his daily challenges with having cerebral palsy.  That meant more pain -- more time at doctors -- and more of being put on the sidelines in his life.  Our beautiful "joy boy" had lost his smile. His time at Island Dolphin Care brought back his smile! He felt included and confident again and he enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you Jack Gives Back Foundation for bringing this huge blessing into Andrew's life.  This trip was a catalyst for him for better times ahead and we are forever grateful!