Jon and Mary Dittrich, from Cleveland, Ohio, have four sons who all have various special needs, including autism and heart defects. Will, Mack, Charlie, and Ben are all happy children who love being outside and playing in the water, so we felt they were perfect candidates for dolphin therapy with IDC! After their week in Key Largo, Jon and Mary had this to say:

Our four boys have been through more obstacles in their short lives than most will experience in their lifetime. A few weeks ago, our family was given an unimaginable gift from Jack Tusick. With incredible generosity, Jack Gives Back gifted us a trip to Key Largo to swim with the dolphins at Island Dolphin Care. The trip was...awe inspiring. For the first time, our boys flew on an airplane and got to experience something that was entirely about them and their development, in the most fun way possible. Not only did our boys have an amazing time, but my husband and I had an epiphany. We always knew our boys we capable, but we were pushed outside of our comfort zone traveling with 4 children under 7 (3 with Autism). And with this opportunity, we realized that even our kids can thrive in that environment. They too can be the kids on the plane that everyone compliments on how good they were. Not to mention, my mother, my mother-in-law, my husband and I all had an amazing time in beautiful Key Largo. It was not only an educational trip for the boys, it was truly a carefree vacation for the family. In a way, Jack Gives Back opened up our minds to all that our kids CAN do instead of all the things they can’t. It was a trip that was truly food for our souls, and we are flooded with appreciation. Thank you so much for doing what you do. We are so lucky to have gotten to experience everyone and everything at Island Dolphin Care.